Has Democracy Failed?

Maybe we can’t afford to give Senator Portman the kind of money it takes to buy his vote. But all the money in the world cannot take away the power of a single citizen’s vote. Imagine if Ted Strickland had won the seat instead of Rob Portman. We wouldn’t have needed a tie-breaking vote from the Vice President, and we wouldn’t be in this position. We must not forget what Rob Portman did to our children, and we must work tirelessly to find a viable candidate who will support our children to replace him in 2022. Continue reading →

Portman and Brown: Say NO to DeVos

Dear Senators Portman and Brown, For the first time, we are about to have a President with absolutely no previous experience in government or politics. Given his lack of experience, it is critical that he surround himself with people who do have experience. Unfortunately, I fear that he has made some self-serving rather than country-serving […] Continue reading →

Gradual Gratitude – Emerging from Post-Election Trauma

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t think. I hurt, all over. I couldn’t put two words together and the idea of ever being able to write about it seemed impossible. I eventually realized that what I am feeling is indeed grief. I am mourning the loss of the idealistic image I had of our country, of what it could have been, what it should have been, and I am reeling from the injustice of it all. Continue reading →

The elephant and donkey in the room

By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association One of them is a football player for a small college, a former student of mine who sends me a Facebook message when he’s going to be home for a weekend to see if I need anything done around the house. He has […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

They Weren’t Here When the World Stopped Turning

The events of September 11th can easily be used to teach many common core standards, at least at the high school level. But that’s not why I teach it. For the freshmen who were in my class that day, I am a part of their memories of September 11th, as they are of mine. But the freshmen who are in my classes today have no memory of 9/11; they were not even born yet. We can’t teach our students to feel what we feel when we remember that day, but we can teach them about the beauty of the flags flying on nearly every house for weeks afterward. Continue reading →