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The Triage of Teaching

triage The triage of teaching isn’t about who we give up on and who we still treat; it’s about choosing our battles, but never giving up the fight. It’s about doing our best to help all of our kids, no matter how many other people have stepped over them, no matter how much they’re hurting, and no matter what choices they make that in turn make our jobs harder. Continue reading →

Ohio’s Kids Are Not Lab Rats

Vaccine test on laboratory mouse, applied by injection By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association Knowing when to move on with a lesson and when to slow down, when to allow a teachable moment to blossom even though it will mess up your lesson plans for the rest of the week, or when to give a kid a break and when to hold […] Continue reading →

Why I do it

why-we-do-it-blog-feature By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association I can’t remember a time when teaching hasn’t been part of my story, when I didn’t answer, “Be a teacher” to the ubiquitous question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Although I loved to read, it wasn’t until 7th grade, when I had Joyce […] Continue reading →

A Perfect Storm

Youngstown-perfect-storm-blog The education news in Ohio recently is so utterly unbelievable it reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment “Really?” with Seth Myers and Amy Poehler. Governor Kasich wants to abolish teachers’ “lounges”. Really? David Hansen intentionally excluded online charter school failure rates in order to make them look more successful. Really? Superintendent Ross circumnavigated the State Board of Education to override the Youngstown improvement plan to create a new one. The state legislature pushed through the legislation allowing that move in one day, giving no time for debate. Really? Continue reading →

It’s Not an Option For Me

union_yes_blog By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association This year was the 20th time I have joined my local association. Honestly, the first time I did it, I was young and naive and so used to signing papers that I think I just filled out the form that was given to me and didn’t think much […] Continue reading →

There’s Nothing Funny About This Joke — Ohio’s Charter Schools

ohio-charter-joke2 Last week, ODE official David Hansen resigned after admitting that he left out failing grades for some charter schools in the evaluations of the groups who sponsor them. His defense was that the F grades of those schools, when factored in with the other grades, would “mask successes elsewhere.” A simple Google search of “Ohio charter schools” will give you two things: a list of general charter school information sites as well as specific charter schools available, and many, many articles about the horrifying state of charter schools in Ohio. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Akron Beacon Journal, and the Columbus Dispatch have all written critical articles or editorials about the lack of accountability and transparency with Ohio’s charter schools. Continue reading →