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Spotlight on Women’s Health

 President Obama expands women’s access to preventative services. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most health insurance plans will cover women’s preventive services – including well women visits, and domestic violence screenings – without charging a co-pay or deductible.[1] This new law will save money for millions of Americans and ensure Americans nationwide get the high-quality […] Continue reading →

Health Care Reform Petition

 Please sign NEA’s petition to tell your elected leaders that we need health insurance reform and we need it now! The cost of inaction is too high! Too many of our fellow Americans are uninsured, delay needed care because they can’t afford it and must often file for bankruptcy due to medical bills they can […] Continue reading →

H1N1 Lesson Plan

 PBS has crafted some lesson plans on H1N1, designed for grades 10-12 in Secondary Life Science, Biology, Health, and Current Events Students will: Utilize prior knowledge to answer questions about viruses and form a definition of the term virus. Participate in a class simulation to learn about how viruses spread, often without the knowledge […] Continue reading →

Health Care: Reality Check

 The statistics on the cost of health care in this country are grim to say the least. Over the past eight years health insurance premiums for Ohio working families have increased 76 percent, outpacing median earnings by 850 percent, which only rose 8.9 percent over that time. Even people with health insurance are paying more […] Continue reading →