It’s time for the PEOPLE to be in charge, as our forefathers intended.

OEA-Walk-PDF-Color---OVF-1209-15A-1 They’ve stolen our voice, our vote, and our power. Every ten years, Ohio goes through a process known as “redistricting” in which the boundary lines for Statehouse and Congressional districts are redrawn. Instead of ensuring fair and balanced district lines, the politicians and lobbyists have rigged the system to make sure they have all the power to protect themselves and their friends. With uneven, unfair district lines, the voters never have a real choice. Continue reading →

5 Reasons Why Every Educator Needs to Vote

Vote-blackboard [dropcap]1. [/dropcap]Vote to set an example for your children. As a child, I remember my parents getting ready to vote. They took the editorial page from the Akron Beacon Journal and scribbled notes in the margins. They took their union recommendations. They carefully folded everything up and made the […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

9/11: Teaching Tolerance

9/11 memorial September 11, 2001…. I remember where I was that morning, just as all Americans do. I was teaching seventh grade and classes were changing from second to third period. A boy named Nick came in and frantically said, “A plane just hit the World Trade Center.” My first thought was that […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

Remember the workers who fought for us

ludlow Today, most people are unaware of the McKees Rock strike or the tragedy in Ludlow or any of the countless other battles that workers fought that have led to decent wages and working conditions for Americans. They take for granted the 40-hour workweek. They take for granted weekends. They take for granted that they don’t have to worry about getting severely maimed or killed due to unsafe working conditions. Continue reading →

My Focus is on the Local

WHScreenshot This Tuesday, the White House honored Dayton Education Association President David Romick by naming him as a “Champion of Change” for his exceptional school reform initiatives. Romick was instrumental in implementing dramatic changes to help close the achievement gap in Dayton public schools. Here, Romick talks about the philosophy that informs his reform and union-management collaboration efforts. Continue reading →

Advice to New Teachers: Know Your Union

advice Young, new teachers always have that fresh, energetic look in their eyes. Ten years from now they will look back and be amazed at how little they knew, and how difficult that first year of teaching was. As a new teacher, politics and unions were the farthest things from my mind when I got my first job. I felt like I won the lottery after I got the call that I was hired. Now that I am older, I realize I was about to begin a journey where experience was my best teacher, and the union would be my best friend. Continue reading →

Budget Cuts Mean Cuts in Quality

cuts-in-quality Last night, I ventured into a whole new realm of public speaking, when I addressed the Ohio House Subcommittee on educational funding, at an open hearing in Lima. It was scary. I was on a stage, telling the story of my school district’s financial hardships, to a group of nine State Representatives. Although I had written and rehearsed my remarks, I had no idea what their reactions would be. I had no idea what follow-up questions they might ask. All I could do was tell my story. Continue reading →

Union Pride

educators-against-sb5 My mother always warned me not to be too prideful, not to gloat. Yet despite her warnings, I have decided to throw all cares to the wind and explain to you how proud I am to be a teacher, a veteran, and a union member. I knew going in to […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

Share the World with Your Students

wave110412 Rob Fetters is the 2012 recipient of the NEA Applegate-Dorros Peace and International Understanding Award and the OEA Paul Swaddling Peace and International Understanding Award. Both awards recognize outstanding contributions to the promotion or execution of the cause of peace and international understanding. Here he challenges us to not lose sight of the rest of the world. Seek out opportunities for your students to explore beyond themselves. Continue reading →