College Credit Plus Part I: Potential Pitfalls for Students

Ohio’s College Credit Plus program (CCP) is most likely well intended. CCP allows kids in grades 7-12 access to free dual-credit courses (college classes for which they earn high school and college credits). I’m a single mom, so I can certainly understand the fear that strikes a parent’s heart at the thought of paying for college tuition. However, I’m also a teacher, and from what I’ve seen, I’m just not sure the perks of College Credit Plus outweigh the myriad of potential problems. Continue reading →

Tests with More Questions Than Answers

By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association During the holiday break, I went to the website of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to see if more sample test items for the AIR assessment were available. Unfortunately, nothing new had been posted since the initial release a few months ago. […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

OEA Delegates Opting to Support Opt Out Rights

By Dan Greenberg, Sylvania Education Association There were many firsts at the recent OEA Representative Assembly: The first time a Representative Assembly was held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds The first time the assembly hall smelled a little like horses and other farm animals The first time that the RA concluded with a […] Continue […] Continue reading →

The Triage of Teaching

The triage of teaching isn’t about who we give up on and who we still treat; it’s about choosing our battles, but never giving up the fight. It’s about doing our best to help all of our kids, no matter how many other people have stepped over them, no matter how much they’re hurting, and no matter what choices they make that in turn make our jobs harder. Continue reading →

Ohio’s Kids Are Not Lab Rats

By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association Knowing when to move on with a lesson and when to slow down, when to allow a teachable moment to blossom even though it will mess up your lesson plans for the rest of the week, or when to give a kid a […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →

Why I do it

By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association I can’t remember a time when teaching hasn’t been part of my story, when I didn’t answer, “Be a teacher” to the ubiquitous question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Although I loved to read, it wasn’t until 7th […] Continue Reading… Follow Continue reading →